Harvey Crown Water Softener Review and Price

Water is one thing that we all use, no matter what, and we always want the purest and cleanest of them all. Not only that, but hard water can prove to make things more difficult in your home, from making your clothes faded after doing the laundry and making your chinaware brittle, to causing limescale buildup and eventually serious damage to your pipes at home. This is where a water softener comes in, more specifically, the Harvey Crown Water Softener. Although this salt-based water softener is quite small, it surprisingly offers a wide range of benefits and comes with free salt and an installation kit.


  1. It makes use of salt blocks to turn your hard water to soft water. This is much better than the traditional salt because you don’t have to change the salt constantly and you don’t have to haul heavy bags around.
  2. It has a unique twin tank feature, and so you never run out of water in your home, instead, you get double.
  3. It features an indicator which informs you on when you need to replace the salt blocks. This is a feature that not a lot of water softeners have.
  4. You can install it yourself, although it is more advisable to employ the assistance of a plumber.
  5. The water softener is non-electric and works solely on water pressure. This cuts running costs by a significant amount.
  6. It has a five-year warranty.
  7. Apart from the free salt blocks and installation kit, it also comes with a water hardness test kit so you can measure the hardness of your water and use the right amount of salt.
  8. It is compact sized and easy to use and operate.
  9. The internal unit can be turned so inlet or outlet ports can be on either side.


  1. It is simple to set up.
  2. It reduces running costs drastically by running on water pressure.
  3. It is easy to reverse the input or output mechanism for flexible installation.
  4. It can handle a larger amount of water because of its unique twin tank feature.
  5. It has a water hardness test kit.
  6. It is easy to maintain.


  1. It can be inefficient if there is low water pressure.
  2. You may not be able to use salt blocks from other manufacturers.
  3. It is deep in dimensions.


The price of the Harvey Crown water softener ranges between $850 to $950, but before you run for the hills, remember the benefits that come with it. It is more expensive than the water softeners reviewed here, but most of the cheaper models don’t have twin tanks or run on water pressure, thereby reducing costs.

The Harvey Crown Water Softener is worth the price, with its low running costs and the use of salt blocks which are more cost-effective than other softener salts. With this, you save money in the long run and provide pure, soft water for your home 24/7.

Water softeners

How To Find the Best Water Softener Systems

Soft water is a crucial part of human life that people take for granted. It saves you from many loses and other negativity that could face you if you used hard water. Softening the water is something people with hard water have taken with seriousness because they acknowledge the importance of using soft water and its big difference with hard water.

Reasons why you need the best water softener systems

Water softeners

There are very many good things accrued to water softeners and the advantage they give to our lives. However, not all water softeners work to the best standards which is the reason why you need to search for the best water softener for your unique needs. The best water softener will save you a lot of money because of its efficiencies than other water softeners. Health-wise, it will prevent in the best manner, the skin rashes caused by hard water and kinky hair. A good water softener is also useful in saving you a ton of money calling the plumber to your home to clean you the piping system and appliances ducts.

On the hand of appliances using soft water tend to last long and require very little maintenance because the passing water through them does not have sentimental deteriorating them of minerals that react with their material. The heating systems will have the greatest advantage of using the best water softener as they are in direct relation with water minerals at intense heat and purely soft water is less harmful to the system and their parts

Guide to buying the best water softener systems

When purchasing a water system, there are aspects you need to consider to determine if it is the best for you:

  • The number of grains of water hardness it can handle eliminate before regeneration. You need to go for the option with the highest amount of particles able to remove for a better service.
  • A water softener with the options of either clean pellet or nugget-style salt. You need to find a water softener with the ability to use these two salt options because they are the ones recommended for use.
  • Electricity efficiency. As much as water softeners are said to be electric efficient, there are others whose efficiency is doubtful and you need to avoid them at all cost. A proper water softener should only use electricity equivalent to an alarm clock
  • The external and internal build should be from robust material to make sure that your softener lasts for long without breaking easily.


It is good to invest in the best water system because as the aftermath; you are the one to reap the benefits and returns for investments. The excellent water softeners save you money than the cheap and low-quality systems because they last long and need no replacement and maintenance.